Zumiez Stash

A loyalty app called 'Stash' that enables Zumiez customers to deepen engagement with the brand and earn rewards.
LEad Designer
UX, Visual, Motion
Project type
Mobile App
3 Months
2 Product Designers, 1 Visual Designer, 1 Creative director.
Zumiez, via Pilot Lab


Client Logo

Discover + Define


Defining the goals and desired content of the product.

We conducted a workshop with the stakeholders to solidify the goals of the app and to explore the types of relevant content to present to consumers. The team discussed a wide range of idea and then began the processing of narrowing. Prioritization was informed by the goals, as well as the feasibility given the short timeframe and limited resources.
Goals of the app:
01. Present relevant and engaging Zumiez content to users in a way that enables them to deepen their relationship to the brand.
02. Enable users to personalize the content.
03. Implement a modern update to the visual brand.
User Journey

Ideate + Design


Constructing a flexible framework

Prior to designing the actual interface, this phase was important in understanding the user's needs and motivations. We created flows for both of the user types, determining any road blocks they may face along the way. Once we had our outline of what the experience would be, we could begin designing the interface.
Information architecture
AppLication Map
Tabbed UX Model

A modular card system for dynamic content

In order to accommodate a feed of dynamic content, we created a modular card system. By creating a flexible system, we could enable not only different content-types, but also different engagement-types as well. So the cards could contain products, events, quizzes, carousels and more.
Card Anatomy

A modernized look, with Zumiez personality

We explored three distinct visual directions, before landing on the final one. The chosen direction is clean and modern but also has splashes of that edgy Zumiez personality. We looked for key moments in the experience that could highlight that personality in delightful ways.
Visual Design
Visual Design

Test + Implement


We created a prototype that we tested on-location with customers at Zumiez

We conducted user testing at a Zumiez store in Seattle, with a hi-fidelity prototype I created in Flinto. The goal was to capture initial reactions to the new UX from Zumiez customers. A total of 20 customers were involved in the testing and the overall feedback was positive. Users were able to quickly familiarized themselves with the navigation and card interaction. They also responded very positively to the new visual style.
While the overall feedback was positive, we did find a few key insights to address:.
01. Include a link to redeem points on the profile, as users wanted to redeem points while they were looking at the points they have.
02. Allow users get live updates from their favorite brands so they don’t miss the limited edition.
03. Enable swipe to get to the next card in carousels, as many users were attempted to do so when playing with the prototype.

Working with development to handoff designs in Zeplin

We created an organized, component-ized system that we uploaded to Zeplin, in order to enable a seamless handoff to developers. Since there was not a lot of overlap in the design/development contracts, we had to be very specific and anticipate any development needs that might arise.