2017 Year in Review

An interactive microsite for the Gates Foundation yearly review of accomplishments.


Lead UX Designer

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The Gates Foundation
via Pilot Lab

In previous years, the Gates Foundation had released a simple letter, outlining their annual accomplishments. For 2017, we were tasked with creating a website to showcase their achievements from the last twelve months.

The client wanted us to create an interactive site where users could get a high-level glimpse, as well as deeper dive. After exploring various models, this main goal informed our decision to use the fanning blade UX model.

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Headlines from each blade, call out the key takeaway from each focus area.

The blade design allows users to see the content at a glance, and dive deeper into specific areas.

Each of the pages outlines the accomplishments of their respective program areas. There were six areas total.
I worked closely with the developer and visual designer to lay-out and redline out all the responsive views
1. The color palette is based on the content 2. An animated infographic